Stamina Elite Total Body Recumbent Bike – Review

The Stamina Elite Total Body recumbent bike really isn’t like the rest of the recumbent bikes in that it not only has pedals, but also has rotating hand grips so you can get an upper body workout as well as lower body. Hence the name TOTAL BODY recumbent bike.

As far as the bike part goes, it is a pretty basic model, we’ll go over it below and at the end we’ll discuss who this bike is a good fit for.

If you’ve read the top ten recumbent bike review, then you already know the benefits of training with a recumbent bike as compared to a regular sit up straight and crank your neck bike. So let’s just focus on what the Stamina Elite has going for it.

This recumbent bike features:

  • 0 preset exercise programs.
  • 8 levels of resistance to match your level of fitness and challenges.
  • Contoured, and cushioned seat.
  • Heart rate monitor pulse grips
  • Track your progress on the LCD screen.
  • Adjustable seat Perimeter.
  • Oversized pedals (for no slip operation).
  • ergonomically-positioned handlebars.
  • Front transport wheels for easy moving and storage
  • Made of steel materials in gray.
  • Weight capacity: 250 lbs..


Sometimes it’s better when you can see it as the features are explained:

Check out the Stamina Elite Total Body Fitness

Final word: While in our main article on recumbent bikes we make a case that virtually all of the bikes on the market seemed to be manufactured by the same company (probably in China) with small variations (the Chinese are now expert at this)… This recumbent bike has so many options and extras, it really is a nice bike. It’s not our first pick. Our first pick is the Nordic Track GX 4.7.

Having said that, the reason this bike was included in the top ten is because of what it offers. It offers the user the ability to use most of the upper body muslces as well as lower body. This bike is in many physical therapy clinics because after surgeries, strokes, etc. many people need to work their whole body and sometimes, they just need to work their upper body portion, which you can do with this bike. The bottom line is this bike is the best when it comes to rehabilitation and unless you have a great medical plan, it can get pricey to visit the physical therapists office a couple times a week just to use this bike. It would be a better investment to actually buy this bike and save money on the office visits.

Now, in case you haven’t reviewed our other reviews on recumbent bikes, this bike is most like the Exerpeuitic 2000 (except it has rotating handle bars for upper body workout), so it’s a real basic model. If you want to track progress, you will need a bike with Bluetooth capabilities (like Schwinn 270, Nordic Track GX 4.7 or the Exerpeutic 4000). Also this bike has the lowest max weight limit at 250 lbs. which could be an issue.

Again we included it because of the upper body workout features, if this is important to you, this is the bike for you.