Review – Top 10 Best Tool Backpacks

So you’re out in the field and you use tools. You could carry a toolbox (NOT), or a gym style bag and have back problems from lugging it around with one arm all the time, or you could check out tool backpacks.

It seemed inevitable that in time the incredibly useful backpack would find it’s way into service, and or construction type environments. I mean who wants to carry a toolbox from the truck┬áto the actual work site?? (who knows how far away you have to park at some jobs)

So a tool backpack is really a no-brainer, it’s more about choosing which one fits your needs best and so we reviewed the top ten selling tool backpacks to help you decide (if you haven’t already) which one is best for your in your job.

The chart below is just a summary, for more detailed reviews, click on the Brand/Model column link and it will take you to an individual review of the bag you are wanting to know more about. Each review includes pictures, videos and some input from us as well as the standout features for that particular tool backpack or tool bag (there are only two tool bags included because while they are not backpacks, they are big sellers, so we figured we might as well include them since many people are considering buying them).

Also, another thing to be aware of is that while DEWALT has several bags, they are all made by Custom LeatherCraft and are in most cases identical just a little higher price.

The table below is sort-able, so you can click the header name and the entire table will sort according to that column. So if you want to check for price, click the price header and it will re-order the column by price.

Another thing…when you go to the individual pack pages, you will see the same text at the top of each page because we don’t know if someone will come to this page first or to one of those pages first, so we wanted to include that information on each page.

  • Josh says:

    Very Cool, thanks for putting them all in one place.

    • Kevin says:

      It’s our pleasure Josh. We’ve got a lot more getting ready. So stay tuned and thanks for using our site in your research process.

  • Donald P. says:

    Thanks for saving me a lot of leg work. I need a tool backpack, but really wasn’t looking forward to sorting out all the facts. Cheers!

  • Ashraf says:

    Awesome article. Loved it! The sorting method saved me a lot of time to compare all of the backpacks.

    The DEWALT DGL523 backpack seemed a great one to me.

    BTW, I’m still confused about the differences between general backpack and a tool backpack. Can you please tell me about the differences?

    • Pete says:

      Hello Ashraf,

      I’m glad you liked the article and we try to make it as simple as possible for people looking for things like tool backpacks.

      The difference between a regular back pack and a tool backpack is that with a tool backpack, there are many pockets and conveniences specifically designed for tools and related equipment, where as a regular backpack just has generalized pockets if any.

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