Review – Custom LeatherCraft 1132- 75 Pocket Tool Backpack

So you’re out in the field and you use tools. You could carry a toolbox (NOT), or a gym style bag (NOT) and have back problems from lugging it around with one arm all the time, or you could check out tool backpacks.

Let’s just assume you’ve already done your homework, and realize a tool backpack is really a no-brainer, it’s more about choosing which one fits your needs best and we are doing an entire article on comparing the Top 10 Tool Backpacks which can help you decide if you don’t already know which one you want.

But for now, let’s concentrate on this CLC 1132 which was designed for all types of installers, repair technicians and really anyone who needs to transport tools while having hands free. Think — from truck to work site, from ground up a ladder, etc…

This CLC 1132 is designed for the Heavy Duty Installer and Repair Tech 

This pack has 75 pockets of multiple sizes, more than enough to hold everything you use regularly and even room for things you don’t use all the time (there are so many pockets) and the pockets work even if you have stuff in all of them. It also has 5 zippered compartments which is nice when you want to see all your stuff all at once or if you don’t you can keep some compartments zipped up.

You know how some packs have a lot of pockets but they really weren’t designed to actually be used all at the same time (or at least it seems that way). Well, this pack was definitely designed to have all the pockets used and the 14 pockets designed to hold a 14 piece wrench set is ideal for those who use tool sets that have different sizes.

Obviously you don’t have to use them for wrenches, but it’s made for that. They could be used for different size screw drivers, or all types of drivers ( you get the idea). If you don’t need as many pockets, check out the CLC 1539 which has 50 pockets or the CLC 1134 which has 48 pockets.

Besides being designed for Installers and Repair Techs, the CLC 1132 is used heavily by:

  • HVAC techs
  • Wind Turbine techs
  • Telecom techs
  • Network techs
  • Satellite techs
  • Stadium Lighting techs
  • Fire Sprinkler fitters
  • IT techs
  • Optical Fiber techs
  • Wheel Chair / Mobility Device Repair techs
  • Industrial Electricians
  • Appliance Repair techs
  • General Maintenance tecks
  • Carpenters
  • Plumbers

One of the great things about this pack is that  it has 5 compartments (with zippers) for easy access to ALL your tool ALL the time and the thing I REALLY like is that because it has the heavy duty grab straps at the top, you can leave all the compartments open and grab it quick if you just need to move quickly out of the way or to a new area of work! It also is made of heavy duty materials to it can take a beating and keep on performing, which in this case means, NOT dropping your tools, or the zipper breaking, or straps coming loose…etc.

A picture is worth a thousands words…

Want to check out this pack live?  Have a look below:

Check out the CLC 1132

As you can see, this bag is rugged (lots of double stitching and reinforced stress points), has a boatload of pockets (75 to be exact), can be moved quickly and easily with all 5 compartments open,  and best of all it is priced well below it’s closest competitor, the Veto Pro Pac TECH PAC Service Technician Bag.


(P.S. As always, if you’re a wife, brother, friend…etc., it’s a GREAT gift.)


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