About Us

Our goal is to help people avoid the pain of research. It has to be done if you want to get the best products that will do what you want them to do when you want them to do it, how you want it done! But it’s time consuming and even though there are thousands of research sites out there, for every conceivable topic and sub-topic, many of them are too complicated or too simple.

The ones that are too complicated try to include so much information that you are basically doing all the research yourself again. The ones that are too simple are basically just affiliate sites that care nothing about you or even the products, they just want to make a buck and slap up a grid with prices and features programmatically taken from the store they come from. Neither of those are helpful to you.

We want to be HELPFUL TO YOU.  So we want to be your real research arm. Like you’re personal research assistant that you can trust and that will get you the relevant information you need to make a wise and fruitful buying decision. We will do relevant analysis and while we will use grids and other things that simplify the presentation of the review, each item on our grids will be hand selected and put there for a reason, that will be explained.

Every couple of weeks we plan on adding a new product line, or topic. If nothing is coming up, it’s because we are researching something and haven’t finished the review.

Very Sincerely,

CrazyGoodReview.com Team